mining equpment supliers in indonesia

  • Enn Gee Coal Co

    We are looking for serious coal buyers and mine buyers We are a leading coal mining and trading company in Indonesia and India Any serious buyer contact us

  • Siswantominercom

    Bitcoin Miners, SHA256 Miners, Litecoin Miners, Dogecoin Miners, ASIC Miners, Scrypt Miners

  • PT Indosino Mining

    Lower price supply Nickle Ore:Ni 12-17% FOBST Vessel USD2X00 to be negoNi-18%(Reject 17%) FOBST VSL USD3X00 tobe negoNi 18-19%% FOB Indonesia USD3X00Ni 19-20%up (partial 21-22%) FOB Indonesia USD 4X00 to be negoOver hundred thousand tons on Indonesia Stock plie, ready to ship Specs as follow:P-002%,S-01%,Fe 10-20%,SiO2-30-55%,Moisture 30%Further details pls contact us at miningexport at yahoo dot comThe price quoted only for two month available

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