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  • Ummac

    These sirens are best suited for mining, industrial, Fire Protection and Community warning applications Popular ranges include the 3Km and 5km ens for industry and the 15km en for mining operations UMMAC Corporation is dedicated to the manufacturing of precision made high quality long range sirens capable of up to 145dB range We also specialise in electronic sirens for all situations and our offices in Europe and South Africa are will to take your enquiri

  • Imperial Armour

    Imperial Armour is a privately owned South African Company, which can offer a combined 20 years of work experience in the field of personal protection equipment Imperial Armour is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of body armour and ballistic helmets & demining kit Due to Imperial Armour

  • MineSA

    All this is done at rates of 1 2 ns of hard rock per hour on a machine light enough w with a 1 n pickup truck The unit is self sustained with its own water srage for 4 hours of operation and its own power generar plant The MGP-II is a revisionary piece of equipment that allows you crush, mill, pulverizes down us little as 65 micron while mechanically separating the gold from the waste

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